Remember the times when you could successfully advertise with a monthly budget of $50 and when 70% of your followers saw your social media posts? Unfortunately, those times are far behind us.

Today, however, we need to invest much bigger budgets to advertise on social networks, in order to see results and to reach more people, because our posts reach only 2-3% of the page followers organically.

Today, users spend an average of 4 hours a day on social networks, which are currently the most attractive and effective advertising tool. Keeping track of trends is critical to the success of a business.

If you’re not on Facebook and Instagram, you don’t exist? Something like that!

advertising on social networks

People love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold something! It’s important to avoid direct sales on social networks where people come to have fun, rather than being bombarded with sales ads. Share tips, make fun posts, educate your followers about your products or services, so the sales come by themselves.

Here are some tips for more successful advertising on Facebook and Instagram:


Photography gets the most attention on social networks. Statistics say we have 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention on social networks when scrolling. A good deal or a great copy makes no sense if the photo or visual is bad.


The trend that will mark 2020 is certainly video posts and ads. Everyone is filming their products now and this is more fun for customers than photography. Be the first to try this kind of advertising! Great results will not be missed.


After you have taken a great photo and made it even better with editing, copy is very important in the success of your campaign.


We won’t lie, we all like to get something cheaper or free. Make an action for everyone, share something for free or create a giveaway. We are sure you will attract more people who are interested in your products or services.


Keep up with the trends! Most users are currently viewing Instagram stories. Take advantage of the trend and advertise on Instagram to get as many users noticed and buy your product or service, for a relatively small budget. You need to be present where your customers are in order to stand out and be remembered.


Tell people what they need to do – call you, send a message, visit a website, or buy a product. Ads that have a CTA (call to action) are 40% more successful than those that don’t have any “command


The best way to plan your campaigns is with Campaign Planner in Business Manager, where you’ll see how much money you need to invest and how many people will see your ad!

facebook business manager


Good campaigns on the most current social networks can greatly increase sales, and thus achieve the main goal of every business – profit! Keep up with trends and show your customers the benefits of using your products or services. Take advantage of relatively cheap clicks as advertising prices increase day by day.


If you need help with advertising, feel free to contact us!