How to reach new customers through Instagram advertising?

Instagram advertising would be the best choice for you if you want to attract new customersInstagram is the popular social network with the fastest growing number of users in history, and currently has more than 1 billion active users. A social network that is fully focused on photos has proven to be an extremely high quality brand promotion tool. 

Why should I choose Instagram advertising?

Additional information about Instagram advertising

Although Facebook is still the number one social network when it comes to the number of users per month, we can say Instagram is the most popular social network in the world at the moment. Instagram is completely based on photos, and statistics show that visual content is a great bait to get the attention of the user. Recently, Instagram has hit a number of 1 billion active users and is dangerously approaching to the takeover of the leadership position among social networks. It should be noted that Instagram is actually owned by Facebook, which means that it has a great foundation for an additional growth in the number of users.

As Instagram is a visual network, it’s important to emphasize that it opens up a whole new direction of advertising to brands – the promotion of visually attractive content. In order to reach success on this social network, photography and photo-editing techniques need to be mastered, and those who put at least a bit of effort in that aspect; can expect great success. For now, we can still talk about the brilliant natural (unpaid) posts reach, so even with small investments, you can reach numerous Instagram users. Instagram advertising is a great opportunity for brands to attract new customers.

Boost your success with Instagram advertising

If you think your business needs a new boost for success, it’s time to try out new advertising methods. Instagram advertising offers a wealth of opportunities, which can ultimately lead to great results. If you want high quality advertising results at Instagram, feel free to contact us. Our numerous clients are the proof we are doing great, and if you want to hire us, fill out the form below.

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