How to benefit from Instagram for your business

Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos. In 2018, Instagram has reached 1 billion of monthly active users. Enough reason for you to present yourself there as well. To show who you are and what you are doing on Instagram, you need a visual story, or a photo or video of your work or business goal.

Your Instagram profile

Instagrammers spend only a few seconds on each profile, so brief and clear information is important. It can be your slogan, mission or vision. For profile photography, choose your logo or mascot, and be sure to link your profile to your other web content, such as a website or a place where you post frequent and new announcements, such as a blog. If you are a business, create a business Instagram profile and link it to your business Facebook page. Instagram lets you upload photos, videos, and upload photo albums. Create a unique visual identity and publish content frequently. Various photo editing applications can help you with this.

Increase the number of your followers and create a community

One of the benefits of Instagram is its simplicity. The posts have a short descriptive tag – hashtah (# hashtag, #coolblog, #marketingblog …) that lets users search for posts by topic. When designing, you need to think about creating a community. Consider whether your campaign postings will be about communicating the value of the organization or whether it will tell the story of the product. Show who you are and what your organization values. It is best to choose two goals. Creating interactive posts encourages the sharing of posts and the promotion of your brand. This will show your ads to potential customers, and with existing ones, expect to raise awareness of your brand, increase loyalty, share news and business information. Set quantitative goals for each campaign. For example, average 50 shares per post, increase in comments by 10%, or increase in followers by 200.

Benefits of Instagram

Posts on Instagram are free, but like other digital platforms, there are paid ads that you present to a wider audience. The advantage of Instagram is its ease of viewing content and usage, and its low cost. It’s getting easier to say a photo because, as they say, it speaks 1000 words.