Clover Studio

Clover Studio

Clover Studio is a global expert in mobile, web design and development working with range of companies from Japan to California. They create and deliver targeted solutions that turn your mobile strategies into amazing customer experiences. During six years in mobile app business and over 100 applications delivered, their four-leaf clover process and business philosophy has transformed many businesses.

In order to help them present their company to African market, Red Brick launched a Google Ads Search campaign aimed at Nigeria and South Africa. The main goal of the campaign is to generate quality leads.

Clover Studio is very proud of their app called Spika, which offers a complete chat solution that is customizable for any company. Red Brick helped them raise brand awareness for Spika by creating a giveaway on Facebook, giving away free source code to start-ups all over the world.




Clover Studio


1 March, 2020


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